Honest and direct like hunger. Pure like the mountain.


LAAX ALWAYS TASTY stands for high quality and contemporary gastronomy, as colourful and diverse as our guests. We are tangibly connected to the region. Our forward-looking actions with regard to sustainability (Greenstyle), digitalisation and healthstyle set groundbreaking standards - in over 30 establishments, on the mountain and in the valley.    



For us, freedom also means responsibility.

At eye level with nature and the people we reach with our work, we stand up together for a good time on the mountain. You experience pulsating gastronomy that creates joy.



Close to the guest and the region.

The preparation of our dishes begins in the fields, with the selection of our suppliers and producers. In our recipes, we rely on the best ingredients and the shortest possible distances. We keep things as personal and uncomplicated as possible in our dealings with our guests.


Change that makes sense.

We courageously start where it is meaningful, where it promises and brings positive change. To do this, we look beyond the end of our nose and as far as possible. Because every action is an investment in the future. With competence and vision, we create even more trust.

A new digital catering concept

From hungry to happy, as safe and comfortable as never before

To offer you safety, comfort and variety, LAAX has been relying even more on digital solutions since last winter. In the five large self-service restaurants - Vorab, Nagens, GALAAXY, Caumasee and Segneshütte - the previous self-service has given way to a new concept. The production of the meals was moved to the valley, thus increasing the quality of your food and the sustainability of the food production. Thanks to new reusable tableware, produced by the Swiss company reCIRCLE, waste can be reduced to a minimum.

You order your food via the INSIDE LAAX app or at the automatic ordering machine. There is no more queuing in front of buffets. Thanks to the minimised risk of infection, you can relax and enjoy the time with your friends or family. There's no shortage of culinary variety either: there are vegetarian and vegan options and classics such as Penne Vorab or local specialities. And allergy sufferers are also in safe hands with us: You can see all the ingredients and allergens when you order digitally. As you can see, there's something for everyone and we wish you "an Guata".

How it works

Step 1

Hungry? Take a seat.

First, grab a table.   
You need a table number to start ordering. 

Step 2

Order from your table.

1. Scan the QR code to download the Inside LAAX app and register.
2. Scan the QR code again to start your order.
3. Choose your dish and pay with your credit card.



Step 3

We'll bring your food to you.

Spend some quality time with your family and friends while you wait. Enjoy your meal. 

Step 4

Please clear your table.

Thank you and enjoy the mountains. 

Don't have a mobile or a credit card? No problem.

Make a note of your table number and place your order at the nearest order terminal or at the till.

Occupancy display for restaurants

Q-Alert System also for restaurants

Would you like to see on the way how many people are currently in the restaurant? No problem, the number of guests in the hree restaurants Vorab, Nagens and GALAAXY are now displayed on the INSIDE LAAX app  This makes it easier for you to decide whether you should go for your lunch break or take another run or two.


Enjoy a restaurant visit at the push of a button - Ghost Kitchen

  1. The days of dusty pizza couriers have long gone. The future delivery service in LAAX is called Ghost Kitchen. On the INSIDE LAAX App, you can discover four new restaurants and order the delicious dishes directly to your home. Whether it be traditional Grisons cuisine, delicious pizza, juicy burgers or chicken specialities, the virtual restaurants - "z'Alp", "Da Giovanni", "Burger, Baby!" and "Die Hühnerei" - satisfy every taste. This way the restaurant is brought to the guest instead of bringing the guest into the restaurant - more comfort at any time as well as more security depending on the situation. We say "en' Guata" and a lot of fun while discovering!