Honest and direct like hunger. Pure like the mountain.


LAAX ALWAYS TASTY stands for high quality and contemporary gastronomy, as colourful and diverse as our guests. We are tangibly connected to the region. Our forward-looking actions with regard to sustainability (Greenstyle), digitalisation and healthstyle set groundbreaking standards - in over 30 establishments, on the mountain and in the valley.    



For us, freedom also means responsibility.

At eye level with nature and the people we reach with our work, we stand up together for a good time on the mountain. You experience pulsating gastronomy that creates joy.



Close to the guest and the region.

The preparation of our dishes begins in the fields, with the selection of our suppliers and producers. In our recipes, we rely on the best ingredients and the shortest possible distances. We keep things as personal and uncomplicated as possible in our dealings with our guests.


Change that makes sense.

We courageously start where it is meaningful, where it promises and brings positive change. To do this, we look beyond the end of our nose and as far as possible. Because every action is an investment in the future. With competence and vision, we create even more trust.

Self-service, EASY as never before.

Since winter 20/21, you no longer have to queue in our self-service restaurants Vorab, Nagens, GALAAXY and at the Segneshütte. Instead, you can sit comfortably at your table and order your food and drink via the app or an automatic ordering machine. Our service team will then bring your order to your table. So you can relax and enjoy the time with your friends and family before you head out on your next turn in the snow.

We live Greenstyle! Our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions of the food transport to the named establishments and the food waste by 25%. We achieve this goal with pre-production of meals at a bundled production site. This allows us to plan precisely. Of course, each establishment has its own secrets when it comes to the respective signature dishes. So these are individually flavoured on site on the mountain, making the gastronomic experience a highlight off the slopes.


Cooperation with the Swiss company reCIRCLE

Since 2010, the winter sports area has been implementing measures and goals for the careful use of natural resources with its specially developed sustainability concept "Greenstyle". One of these goals is to adhere to the eco-cycle 100% and to reduce waste in the gastronomy by half by 2023 - this also includes broken porcelain. Thanks to high-quality, durable reusable tableware made of 70% plastic and 30% glass fibre, LAAX is moving a step closer to this goal. The new reusable tableware is completely vegan and made in Switzerland. It is used in the four former self-service restaurants, Vorab, Nagens, GALAAXY and Segneshütte, as part of the new semi-service concept for table service. But the tableware can also already be found in the take-away sector in some establishments: The restaurants Stalla, Station Plaun, Caffé Flims, NoName Cafè, ella and Piazza are part of the closed-loop system. The reusable tableware is to be introduced in other restaurants on an ongoing basis.

Display for restaurant occupancy

Would you like to see how many people are currently in the restaurant? No problem, the current number of guests in the Vorab, Nagens and GALAAXY restaurants is now displayed on the LAAX app and on various screens on the mountain. This makes it easier for you to decide whether you should go on your lunch break or make one or two more runs.

Back to the roots

Under the value "Purity", we strive for the shortest possible distances in food procurement and pay attention to the high quality of the ingredients. Wherever possible, we consistently use local, regional and Swiss producers. In particular, the restaurants Capalari, Stalla, Casa Veglia and the Riders Restaurant focus on a purely regional and local offering. The recipes of the restaurants also reflect this.