This is what lies behind your perfect winter sports day in Flims Laax Falera

How LAAX Works

Have you ever thought about what it takes to have a perfect day on the slopes in Flims Laax Falera? One thing is certain, it takes a lot! The preparations in the resort already begin when the last guests return to the valley in the evening, namely when the piste preparation team starts their work. The snowmaking team makes sure that there is enough snow on the slopes. At sunrise, the patrollers take care that all the slopes are secured, marked and ready for the guests. The shaper crew puts the finishing touches to the snow parks and in the valley the ski and snowboard instructors are already welcoming the first guests.


What is behind the big event?


The LAAX OPEN offers freestyle spectacle at its finest. In 2023, a special highlight awaits spectators: for the first time ever, the LAAX OPEN will include freeski slopestyle contests! But what happens behind the scenes of this major event, which brings together the world's top athletes every year at Crap Sogn Gion? Hard work, meticulous planning and a whole lot of heart and soul. And each and every person involved in the LAAX OPEN has more than enough of that. After 18 years of contest history, it’s about time to introduce the people who work behind the scenes to make the event a success. In the latest episode of "How LAAX Works" we show you how ideas turn into plans and how plans eventually turn into one of the world's biggest snowboarding contests.

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Find out more about the LAAX OPEN 2023 here.

The right technique needs to be learned

LAAX School

The once casual ski instructor image has turned into a serious business long ago. The demands on a ski or snowboard instructor have increased more and more over the last few years, and with them the rules and regulations that must be adhered to in connection with teaching. Anyone wishing to become a snowsports instructor must first attend training at the LAAX School over a period of 9 days. A training weekend must then be attended annually at the beginning of the season, regardless of the deployment days.

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Ms Holles Assistants


If you think the snowmaking team is only on duty in winter, you're wrong. They are already busy all summer maintaining the snow cannons and water pipes. As soon as the temperatures drop in autumn, the team starts producing technical snow for the whole winter season.

Here you can find out how technical snow is made, which modern tools are available and what types of snow are distinguished.

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Always safe on the mountain

Snow Patrol

On and off the slopes, the Snow Patrol team looks after the safety of guests every day. Early in the morning, they ensure that the slopes are safe and spared from possible avalanches by blowing them up early. During the day, the Snow Patrol Team is on call for the rescue of people involved in accidents. Anyone who has spent a long time on the mountain in the evening has probably already been politely asked to make their way down to the valley. In the evening, the team makes sure that there are no more people in the area and that operations can be closed for the day.

Find out here what the daily routine of the patrollers is like and what makes their job so exciting.

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Shape shred and repeat

Snowpark Crew

A team of around 17 people, so-called shapers, are responsible in LAAX for ensuring that all snow parks are in top condition at all times.  There are five parks in total. The daily maintenance of all obstacles, kickers and halfpipes is definitely a big job. The crew is passionate about their work and constantly reinvents itself with changing obstacles and their arrangement.

There is a lot of planning, knowledge and experience behind the 5 snow parks.

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The early risers

Bully Drivers

The Pistenbully team invests a huge amount of working hours to make your experience on the piste in LAAX as enjoyable as possible. Preparing the piste is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. A lot of experience, precision and sensitivity is required here too.

Find out how much snow it takes to prepare a piste and what is truly difficult about piste bully driving.

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