Our investment in your mountain experience

On this page you will find important information about the construction of the FlemXpress and a collection of tips on how to best get around on foot or on two wheels on the mountain this summer.

With the construction of the new FlemXpress gondola lift, we are also investing in your future biking and hiking experience in the Flims Laax Falera region. The realisation will take place in two stages: The two sections Flims - Foppa and Foppa - Startgels will be realised by the end of 2023. The old chairlifts from Flims to Naraus will be dismantled. 

This summer, the Arena Express will therefore take you up the mountain from Flims. In addition, we offer a hiking shuttle bus from Flims Waldhaus to Startgels in summer and mountain autumn. The shuttle can be booked easily via the LAAX app.

The FlemXpress a railway innovation

Breathtaking landscapes, attractive experiences and all this in an innovative, sustainable and barrier-free way. The goal was to make the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona accessible and experienceable for everyone by means of a tourism and future-oriented lighthouse project. The world's first Ropetaxi system will take you directly to your destination, no matter what time of year it is. Six different stations are planned. Choose your destination, get on and experience - with only one system, but with the highest guest comfort, environmental compatibility and energy reduction. What more could you want?

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News about the FlemXpress

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5 tips for your summer

On the road on your bike

This summer, the Arena Express will take you exclusively to Nagens, directly to the start of the Nagens Trail. The upper section is particularly suitable for beginners and families: simply get back on the train in Scansinas and ride lap after lap. Via the continuation of the Nagens Trail you reach Laax Murschetg or via Green Valley and Runca Trail to Flims. 

Tip: Fortify yourself with a cake and a barista coffee at Café Freeride Base at the Nagens mountain station.

In the rocksresort PARK in Laax Murschetg or on the Pumptrack in Flims, young and old can improve their skills. And for everyone: Runca Trail all day long - because this season we're crowning King and Queen of Runca Trail. Either pedal up or let your e-bike do the work.  

Tip: You can't do it better with an e-bike, but you can do it longer. Charging stations are available everywhere in the destination.

From the mountain station of the Arena Express, you can reach the Grauberg via an easy climb and from there the Segnes Trail at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona. The Enduro Trail merges into the Runca Trail at Punt Desch. Experienced bikers can ride from the foot of the glacier down into the valley. A crisp climb of around 45 minutes brings you to the start of the Vorab Trail. Flat rocks lead into a flowing meadow trail, which then ends in the forest of Green Valley. Pure enduro pleasure.  

Tip: With the Vorab Trail via Laax Murschetg and further in the direction of Ilanz, you can reach the Rhine Gorge on single trails. PS: It is said to be the longest trail pleasure in the Alps.

On the LAAX side, everything is the same as far as the bike offer is concerned. The cable car from Laax Murschetg takes you to various trails. On the seven-kilometre stretch from Crap Sogn Gion to Laax, an absolute freeride experience awaits you with the Never End Trail. The fast-paced and rocky trail with its numerous jumps and perfect bends guarantees a high fun factor. 

Tip: In GALAAXY you can fortify yourself for the descent and enjoy the sun on the Sundeck at the Sattelite Bar.

The Crest La Siala Trail is the dream of all enduro bikers and a real challenge. From Crap Sogn Gion, you take the gravel path in the direction of Crap Masegn to the start of the trail. You cross small streams quickly and flowing on the trail. A narrow trail then leads you across cow pastures down to the stream. From the Plaun station, you can enter the Nagens Trail via a gravel path and descend into Green Valley. 

Tip: Bring enough water, a snack and repair kit for your bike. On this tour you will be riding outdoors for quite a while.

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5 tips for your summer

On the road on foot

Option 1: Nagens - waterfall - Flims valley station (duration 4 h)

Take the Arena Express from Flims to the Nagens mountain station. From there you can follow the hiking route in the direction of the Grauberg. After a short while you will see the peaks of the Tschingelhörner. From the Grauberg mountain station, the hiking trail leads down to the Unterer Segnesboden high plateau. The 13 km long award-winning Trutg dil Flem water trail begins at the waterfall. Always along the water, the trail heads towards the Flims valley station. Seven individually designed bridges by the famous Graubünden bridge builder Jürg Conzett are crossed along the way. 

Tip: On the way you have the opportunity to recharge your batteries in several mountain restaurants (Segneshütte, Startgels and Runca Höhe).

Option 2: Scansinas - Segneshütte - Flims valley station (duration 3 h 50 min)

The 13 km long Trutg dil Flem can be done as a whole or in several sections downhill or uphill. This summer you have the option of taking the Arena Express from Flims to Scansinas. From there you take a hiking trail towards Stalla Alp Nagens and continue towards the Segneshütte at 2102 metres above sea level. There you can take the "Trutg dil Flem" waterway, which takes you to the Flims valley station. 

Tip: On hot days it is nice and cool along the Trutg dil Flem. Sit on a bench and enjoy your snacks.

Alternative 3: Flims - Startgels - Flims valley station via shuttle (duration 1 h 40 min)
Every weekend this summer, a shuttle will take you from Flims Waldhaus, Caumasee to Foppa and Startgels. From there you can do the lower part of the Trutg dil Flem. In contrast to the open and rocky surroundings in the upper part, it is mystical and shady below. 

Tip: Make a detour to the Runcahöhe and enjoy a Rösti, Capuns or Maluns there. There is also a playground for kids.

From the Nagens mountain station you can follow a hiking route in the direction of the Grauberg. Soon you will see the majestic Tschingelhörner, which are a perfect photo subject. From the Grauberg mountain station, the hiking trail leads down to the Segnesboden. The hike leads around the Unterer Segnesboden, past the waterfall to the Segneshütte. From there the route runs down to the Nagens reservoir and back to the Nagens mountain station. Alternatively, you can also take the post bus from Alp Nagens to Laax.$

Tip: After the hike, enjoy a homemade syrup and a piece of cake at Stalla Alp Nagens.

From the Nagens mountain station, you can follow the hiking route along the Grauberg to the Segnesboden in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Tectonic Arena Sardona". The formation of the Alps and valleys through the shifting of tectonic plates is clearly visible here like in hardly any other place. The striking Tschingelhörner with the Martinsloch are a unique photo subject. Not far from the upper Segnesboden is the new climbing garden "Crap la Tgina" at 2350 metres. This climbing paradise has 42 routes ranging in difficulty from 3a to 6b. From the Segneshütte, the approach takes about an hour. 

Tip: After climbing, drink a FlemXpress coffee at the Segneshütte and get in the mood for the future on the mountain.

The shuttle takes you on a winding route from Laax directly to Alp Nagens. From the rustic Stalla Alp Nagens, a hiking trail leads past the reservoir. After a short while you will see the oldest mountain hut in the region, the Segneshütte, at around 2,100 metres above sea level, against a spectacular backdrop. Once you have reached the Segneshütte, you can hike along the panoramic path along the Flimserstein to Naraus. From Naraus, a marked route leads down towards Punt Desch. There you join the Trutg dil Flem hiking trail and can hike along the river to Flims in the valley. 

Tip: Take a break in the Startgels restaurant before heading down into the valley.

See the forest with different eyes and escape the hustle and bustle of the construction site - this is possible on the treetop walkway in Laax. On the world's longest treetop walkway, the "Senda dil Dragun", there are many interesting facts about nature in Laax to learn over 1.56 kilometres. The treetop walkway connects the two districts of Laax Murschetg and Laax village. After a leisurely walk, there is the opportunity to relax at Lake Laax in Laax Dorf. Children can let off steam in the playground, take a paddle boat tour or swim in the lake.

Tip: The treetop walkway is very mystical in the rain and fog. Combine the walk with a visit to the Aua Grava swimming pool.

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FlemXpress construction site tours

Guided tour

Take a look behind the scenes of the FlemXpress construction sites on Nagens Sura, Segnes and Startgels and experience them live.


During the five-hour tour a guide will lead you from construction site to construction site and explain all the background information about the FlemXpress, about building in the Alps and about the innovative technology behind it. You start with the Arena Express, which takes you to Nagens. From there, the three-hour mountain hike continues to Segnes and down to Startgels, where a shuttle bus will take you back to Flims.


The construction site tours can be booked from Friday, 14 July to Friday, 13 October 2023 and last from 08.45 - 13.45 each day. The starting and ending point is at the valley station in Flims.

You can buy the site tours directly from our web and app shop.

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